Rescue Training & The Junk Yards

Friday, December 18, 2009

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Unfortunately I severely sprained my ankle working out at the gym last week that is putting my Aconcagua trip in jeopardy on January 20th. Very frustrated as my outdoor climbing is suffering because of it, but there is lots to learn. Spent the day at the U of C climbing wall on the largest overhanging ledge – juts out about 6 feet. It seems I repelled down and ascended the rope 12 times doing different rescues of a sand bag – always assuming my climbing partner is unconscious need to tie him in ascend back up and pull him up using a 3:1 or 6:1 ratio of winching.

The 18th was the first real test of my ankle in an ice area in Canmore known as the Junk Yards – at the base of China Man’s Peak and I did okay especially since we are attempting the French Technique in exclusivity. French Technique is where you don’t front point but rather flat foot and only use the stick end of the ice axe. I was having moderate success on up to 60 degree slopes. Falling really hurt the behind even though I was top roped for this training.

Partial list of completed climbs -

*First ascent