Mt. Pollux - 13,421ft (August 4, 2010)

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

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This was a bigger day and a little more challenging as we continued acclimating for the Matterhorn. Still suffering from jet lag - during our 5:30am breakfast Norm and I discussed who got less sleep - he won with no sleep at all. After the 2 hour approach across a crevass riddled glacier we enjoyed the rock climbing up the ridge on the right in the photos and then donned the crampons for a short trip to the summit via the snow ridge. It was quite nice on the glacier today about 17C at 12,000 ft.

It appears the Matterhorn will not be in condition until mid next week as a storm scheduled for Thursday will make it unclimbable until then.

Partial list of completed climbs -

*First ascent