Mt. Yamnuska (7,349ft)

Friday, October 23, 2009

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Yamnuska is probably the most famous climb near Canmore, Alberta. The official mountain name is Mount John Laurie but its best known as Mt. Yamnuska which translates into “wall of stone.” You aren’t considered a rock climber in Calgary until you have climbed Yamnuska. We decided to make it more interesting climbing Grillmair’s Chimmney in full shank mountaineering boots and gloves. This made smearing impossible and hence the route quite challenging. Although the route is only classed as a 5.6 when you add the gloves and full shank mountaineering boots it’s a solid 5.9 and maybe 5.10 in the crux of the climb. Lots of snow at the top and on the back side for the decent. Minimal snow on the face.

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*First ascent