Mt. Robinson Peaks

Friday, November 13, 2009

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Now here is beautiful country. We took a helicopter from Golden to Robinson peaks area and landed on one of the summits at just over 9,000 feet. We skied down to a lower ridge at 7,900 ft with 60lbs of gear each and dropped our bags off and loaded our day packs complete with shovels, transceivers and saws. This is avalanche country and wow is the snow deep and soft! We will set up camp when we return from our ski – so we skied down and climbed the snow covered ridge with skins on our skis. By the time we reached the summit the light was so flat we had no idea if we were skiing off a ridge onto a 60 degree slope or 90 degree slope. We skied quite a bit after each other for avalanche safety reasons. It only got to about -15C during the night – quite lovely actually. I forgot my water in the truck so we wasted way to much fuel on melting snow and missed oatmeal for the morning meal. The chopper picked us up the next day after another nice run and just before the fog set in Golden – or we would still be there – and very hungry by now I’m sure.

Partial list of completed climbs -

*First ascent