Red Rock Nevada - October 30-31st - Rock Climbing (Ginger Cracks and Frog Land)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

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In prep for Epinephrine we spent a couple of days climbing these multi-pitch routes. John and I climbed both routes in approach shoes making it a bit more difficult but much more comfortable for the feet.

Our first climb on the 30th was Ginger Cracks is a 7 pitch 5.9 route of the North Face of Ginger Buttress in Nevada. I found this to be a rather difficult climb in parts as I got my crack climbing skills up. The rappel to the bottom was enjoyable.

On the 31st we chose to climb Frog Land. It is a 6 pitch 5.8 route up Whiskey Peak. The crux of this climb is on the 5th pitch and requires navigating through a 12 foot chimney feature - also known as the rebirthing portion of the climb.

Partial list of completed climbs -

*First ascent