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What people are saying

"Bill Borger stands among the rarest of rare athletes in the world. Enduring pain and suffering at levels almost beyond comprehension - Bill is a world class adventurer both in water and on mountain. His story of perseverance against the odds in swimming the English Channel and climbing Mount Everest is unrivalled in my experience. His story will shock, move and inspire everyone!"

- W. Brett Wilson

"The presentation was excellent. I was awed by the shear perseverance and commitment involved. To accomplish one such feat in a life time is amazing to me, but two is just simply incredible.
I hope our paths cross again soon Bill.
Be well."

- Tom Lassu, President, Ledcor

"To fully appreciate Bill Borger's story of making an incredible dream an inspiring reality you have to hear him tell it. His style puts you beside him in the pond and then with him on the peak.  After hearing Bill I was completely inspired to take my personal and professional journey up a notch."

- Brent Hesje, CEO Fountain Tire

"Bill proved to me that you can indeed do anything you set your mind on, irrespective of the anticipated or surprise challenges - I left feeling inspired, invincible and amazed!"

- Ashif Mawji, CEO of Upside Software Inc.

"I came away from Bill's story feeling like I was part of the journey - very inspirational!"

- Lee Rogers, President, Rogers Insurance Ltd.

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